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What is an Earth Node?

Earth Nodes operate the core login of the World Mobile Chain system. These nodes are also called the brain of the system, just like how the CPU is called the brain of the computer.

Earth Nodes contain multiple layers:

  1. Authentication layer (Decentralized Identity (DID) module)

  2. Ledger layer (blockchain module)

  3. Telecommunications layer (telecom module)

All of the modules connect to the central module, which is the Internode API.

Earth Nodes can operate from anywhere in the world. However, to improve the quality and performance, the traffic will get send towards the nodes that are closer.

A simple computer with an internet connection can be enough for an Earth Node. This is the easiest way to participate in the sharing economy and earn World Mobile Tokens as rewards.

The World Mobile Tokens staking requirement for an Earth Node is 100,000 WMT. However, an individual does not need to have 100,000 WMT, as that amount can be split with others in a pool, which is opened by the node operator.

If this is the case, then their share of WMT will be proportionally to their stake after when the Earth Node operator’s operational costs are covered.

While the staking requirement is used to validate the network, the Earth Node hardware itself costs only as much as its hardware.

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